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EPK for Artists: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Downloadable Electronic Press Kit in 2023

EPK for Artists
EPK for Artists

Are you an artist striving to make your mark in the music industry? An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is your professional business card and resume, all in one. It's not just a trend; it's a necessity. Dive into this comprehensive guide to create a downloadable EPK that resonates with your brand and music.

What is an EPK?

An EPK, or Electronic Press Kit, is an essential tool for every artist. It's a collection of your music, bio, photos, and other media that represents your musical identity. Whether you're reaching out to venues, promoters, or radio curators, an EPK makes it easy for industry professionals to learn about you.

Why Use a Downloadable EPK?

A downloadable EPK, typically in PDF format, offers flexibility in how you use and send it. Here's where you can use a downloadable EPK:

  1. On your artist website, along with other downloadable files like stage plots and posters.

  2. As a Onesheet for radio curators.

  3. As printed copies for conferences or festivals.

  4. As a compilation of quotes highlighting your recent releases.

What to Include in Your EPK: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Artist Bio: Sum up your band and style of music in a few sentences.

  2. Promo Photos: Include a variety of posed and live shots that convey your music style.

  3. Music: Select your most popular tracks or ones that best represent you.

  4. Press/Reviews: Add recent quotes or reviews about your music.

  5. Highlights and Achievements: Include awards, radio play, streaming success, or noteworthy festivals.

  6. Contact Info and Social Links: Ensure easy reach with contact forms and social media links.

  7. Website Link: Include a link to your online press kit at the bottom of each page.

EPK Templates and Creation Tools

If you want to create an EPK quickly, you can select from customizable EPK templates designed for specific audiences. There are also tools to turn your EPK into a downloadable PDF, making it easy to share and access.


Creating an EPK is more than just a task; it's an art that reflects your musical journey. With this guide, you're equipped to design a professional EPK that resonates with your audience and industry professionals.

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